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The Flood: From Sumer to Aronofsky

Three lectures on ancient and cinematic backgrounds to 'The Flood'

15 April 2014

The release of Darren Aronofsky’s blockbuster film, Noah (Paramount) continues a tradition of depicting the biblical Deluge which goes back to the earliest days of the silent cinema. Dr. David Shepherd reflects on Aronofsky’s recent film in light of earlier cinematic depictions of the Flood as far back as the silent era, illustrating his lecture with clips from rare movies. Versions of flood catastrophes existed in several forms well before the more widely known version found in the Hebrew Bible | full story

Weltklassik am Klavier

Piano concerts in RMO

20 April 2014

The museum offers a monthly podium for young and promising pianists. Every third Sunday of the month. Except in July and August. On the 20th of April American pianist Katie Mahan plays works of Claude Debussy, Ludwig van Beethoven, Wagner-Liszt en George Gershwin. | full story

Join 'Networks and Interactions'

Graduate Student Conference at Leiden University

9 - 11 May 2014

This graduate student conference is jointly organized by the Leiden Institute for Area Studies (LIAS) and the Institute for Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology (CA-DS). Scholarship has recognized the importance of networks – social, structural, conceptual – in shaping individual lives and human societies at large. The theme of this year’s conference, Networks and Interactions, invites participants to consider interactions, inter | full story

VVI cooperates with Benghazi University

The Van Vollenhoven institute (VVI) of Leiden University works together with the University of Benghazi, Libya, in a unique long-term joint project.

6 April 2014

The project exists of joint research, training, and policy advice. The counterpart of the VVI for this project is the Benghazi Centre for Socio-Legal Studies (BCSLS), that was established in the beginning of 2014. Purpose of the joint project is to strengthen academic cooperation between Benghazi University and the University of Leiden. Both institutions also share the goal to facilitate ‘justice, legal reform and institutional development’ in Libya. | full story

The National Museum of World Cultures

Three world class Ethnological museums merge into one

5 April 2014

The Ethnological Museum (Volkenkunde) in Leiden is merging with two other world class museum institutions: The Tropical Museum in Amsterdam and the Africa Museum in Berg and Dal. The new museum will be know under the name National Museum of World Cultures (Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen). The mission of the new museum is to provide 'an open view on the world'. Visitors are welcome at all three locations. | full story

Record number of visitors RMO!

'Petra, Wonders in the Desert' most successful exhibition for Museum of Antiquities

25 March 2014

170.000 visitors came to see the exhibition about Petra, which was opened by Princess Beatrix in October 2013 and ran for five months. Objects of great archeological and historical value were brought in from Jordan. Visitors came in touch with many famous sights, from the 'red' graves to the spectacular Byzantine church from the 6th century. The city of Leiden also profited from the visitors' additional spending, which was estimated at about 4 million euros. | full story

Wikipedians in Residence at Dutch libraries

Two Wikipedians in Special Residence to start at twelve scientific libraries

05 November 2013

‘Wikipedians’ Hans Muller and Arie Sonneveld have been selected to reside at twelve scientific libraries in the Netherlands. Participating libraries vary from the African Studies Centre Library to the Rijksmuseum Library and Peace Palace Library. From November 2013 until December 2014 the two Wikipedians hope to raise the diversity and quality of Wikipedia through the collections and knowledge present at these institutions, and enhance Wikipedia skills of the staff. | full story

Dutch-American Newspapers Online

Dutch-American Newspapers Available Online

25 November 2013

The RSC and the Royal Library in The Hague added six weeklies published in the United States to its Dutch newspaper database. These 85.000 pages tin Dutch are a rich and representative source for Dutch immigrant life between 1849 and 1959. | full story

New dossier: Social Protection in Africa

The Library of the African Studies Centre has compiled a new bibliographic web dossier on Social Protection in Africa.

25 October 2013

Social Protection is high on the development agenda. In African countries governments, NGOs, donor agencies and the private sector have been involved in social protection initiatives which run alongside local and informal mechanisms of social support. There is an emerging consensus that a minimum package of essential social protection should cover essential health care, and benefits for children, informal workers, the unemployed, older persons and persons with disabilities. The Library of the Af | full story

New NINO publication: PIHANS 123

Old Assyrian Legal Practices

13 January 2014

Now available: Old Assyrian Legal Practices. Law and Dispute in the Ancient Near East - by Thomas Hertel (PIHANS 123; XLII, 479 pp.). € 84,80 incl. VAT. | full story

NWO Grant to archeologist Akkermans

NWO Free Competition Grant awarded to Peter Akkermans

7 February 2014

The grant allows for 3 PhD students to explore the archaeology of the ‘Black Desert" in north-eastern Jordan. Despite the many environmental constraints and severe ecological marginality, this vast expanse of rough basalt boulder fields and endless gravel plains appears to be astonishingly rich in all kinds of archaeological remains. These remains have hardly or not been subjected to serious research so far. The research will focus on Pastoralist Societies, Rock Art and Literacy, c. 1000 BC to 5 | full story

Political influence of ‘women above stairs’

Book publication: 'The Politics of Female Households'.

25 November 2013

A new volume, co-edited by Nadine Akkerman of the Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society, shows how ladies-in-waiting, by 'creatively manipulating their gender', often played a major role in shaping the political climate of Europe in the early modern period. | full story

NINO 1939-2014

NINO celebrates 75 years anniversary

January 2014

Throughout 2014 the Netherlands Institute for the Near East is celebrating its jubilee with a number of festive activities: lectures, publications, an exhibition at the National Museum of Antiquities (starting from October), displays from our collections in our library, and more. Anyone interested in the Ancient Near East is invited! Subscribe to our newsletter or like NINO.Leiden on Facebook to receive the latest information. | full story

Marleen Dekker interviewed by The Optimist

Marleen Dekker interviewed about micro insurance by The Optimist

October 2013

ASC researcher Marleen Dekker was interviewed about micro insurance in Africa by The Optimist, a quarterly supplement to NRC Handelsblad. You can read the article here: | full story

Rembrandt's Traces

Leiden Classics: Rembrandt's traces at Leiden University

19 December 2013

Rembrandt van Rijn was enrolled as a student of the arts at Leiden University, but he was more interested in becoming a painter. What traces now remain of this famous phantom student? Anyone with the slightest interest in the greatest 17th-century Dutch master will probably know that Rembrandt was born in Leiden; on 15 July 1606, to be precise. What is much less known is that he was also enrolled at Leiden University. Evidence of this fact can be found at the Leiden University library. | full story

Archaeological Studies Centre in Italy

New Leiden Centre of Archaeological Studies in Italy

3 February 2014

The Centre, which is the result of a collaborative initiative of the Faculty of Archaeology, the Comune di Jelsi, and the Royal Dutch Institute in Rome, is based in the old Franciscan monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie just outside the town of Jelsi, in Molise. The small but vibrant community of Jelsi has been involved in the archaeological field work and related didactic and heritage projects in the area since 2004, and is located in a gorgeous mountainous area in the Appenines of Central-So | full story

Walking Guide to Islamic Leiden

New walking guide and wall poem revealed

11 November 2013

Carel Stolker, Rector Magnificus and president of Leiden University, proudly accepted the first copy of the 'Walking Guide to Islamic Leiden', made by Leiden University and Brill Publishers. The new walking guide describes traces of dealings with the Middle East since the late 16th century. A representative of Saudi Aramco unveiled a new wall poem; Dayâ (الضياع) by Adonis. | full story

Colonial Collection KIT arrives in Leiden

Leiden University delighted with Colonial collection of Royal Tropical Institute

8 January 2014

In the past few weeks, one and a half kilometres of paper has been transferred with great care to the Leiden University Library (UBL) on the Witte Singel. In addition, the large majority of the transferred works have been added to the UBL catalogue; nearly 25,000 titles in total. Finally, two websites will soon become available on the UBL website with digital versions of many of the newly acquired heritage materials. | full story

School children visit Mecca Exhibition

Almost a 1000 schoolchildren visited the Mecca exhibition in the National Museum of Ethnology

17 October 2013

Teachers and students are enthusiastic about the educational programs in connection with the Mecca exhibition and take advantage of special transportation arrangements. | full story