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Our world is here, there, and everywhere. If you want to go places – read, connect, visit, dig deeper – where do you start? Through LeidenGlobal, academic and cultural institutions connect with local communities, media, government, business, and NGOs. We want to raise the impact of scholarship across the board, from cultural events and public debate to government policy and education. We know about Africa, Asia & Oceania, Europe, Latin America & the Caribbean, the Middle East, North America, Russia & the Caucasus, and the Circumpolar Regions. LeidenGlobal is a meeting place built for people interested in places around the world, and the dynamics between them, their histories, and their cultures. From the Pyramids to the Great Firewall, from language to warfare, from religion to finance, from politics to poetry, from earthquakes to elections. Meet the experts when you’re making sense of the world.

LeidenGlobal PhD & (Res)MA course

Mixed Methods in the Social Sciences and the Humanities

16 December 2014

Mixed Methods will help students in the Social Sciences and the Humanities (including Archaeology and Law) to turn theory into practice. How do you get from a prospectus to actual research activities? How do you make your ideas work? Registration deadline: January 14, 2015, 12:00 PM. | full story

New Exhibition


27 November 2014 - 10 May 2015

This major exhibition on Carthage will introduce you to the illustrious history and archaeological treasures of one of the ancient world’s most legendary cities. Never before has there been such a large exhibition about Carthage in the Netherlands. | full story

ASC & UvA lecture series:

Deadline registration ASC & UvA lecture series: And Now Africa!

1 December 2014

The Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies of the University of Amsterdam and the African Studies Center in Leiden are organizing the lecture series And Now Africa! for students and professionals who are interested in understanding more about the continent. The course will provide food for thought about the context of 'Africa rising' or 'emerging Africa'. Deadline registration: 26 January 2015. | full story


Female Islamic Authority in Comparative Perspective

8 & 9 January 2015

On Thursday 8 and Friday 9 January the workshop 'Female Islamic Authority in Comparative Perspective: Exemplars, Institutions, Practices' will be organised at the KITLV. This interdisciplinary workshop looks at forms of, and changes in, female Islamic authority in comparative perspective, with particular focus on modern Asia. | full story

ASC Seminar

Anticipating the Revolt: A New View of Military Mutinies in West and Central Africa

29 January 2015

Moving away from the more standard approach that views mutinies as singular, exceptional events, this project observes mutinies as a recurring phenomenon in the region. | full story

LUCAS International Graduate Conference 2015

Breaking the Rules! Cultural Reflections on Political, Religious and Aesthetic Transgressions

29 & 30 January 2015

During the conference, 45 early career researchers from fifteen different countries will present their original research. Topics range from Socrates to Edward Snowden and include the classical figure of Oedipus, medieval iconoclasm, early modern libertine novels, twentieth-century Deviant Art and moral transgressions in videogames. As such, this multi-disciplinary conference deals with the wide range of cultural reflections on the violation of laws, traditions and conventions. | full story

Recordaantal bezoekers

Rijksmuseum van Oudheden ontvangt 210.000 bezoekers in 2014

8 January 2015

Het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden heeft het jaar 2014 afgesloten met een recordaantal bezoekers van 210.332. Daarmee was 2014 het succesvolste jaar in de bijna tweehonderdjarige geschiedenis van het museum. Nooit eerder werd de grens van 200.000 gepasseerd. Het beste jaar tot nu toe was 2013, met een bezoekersaantal van 173.000. | full story

Academic Award

'Asian Tigers, African Lions' wins Choice Outstanding Academic Title Award 2014

9 January 2015

Asian Tigers, African Lions: Comparing the Development Performance of Southeast Asia and Africa, published by Brill in 2013 and coordinated by the African Studies Centre and the Royal Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV), both in Leiden, has won a Choice Outstanding Academic Title Award 2014! | full story

Online lecture

Online lecture on frugal innovations by André Leliveld

9 January 2015

ASC senior researcher André Leliveld, who is also a researcher within the Centre for Frugal Innovation in Africa (CFIA), gave a web lecture about frugal innovations and inclusive economic growth. Watch his lecture here. | full story

Information Day Research Masters African Studies

Information Day Research Masters African Studies

15 January 2015

Interested to know more about the two-year Research Master African Studies in Leiden? Join the 'Masterdag' on Friday 6 Februari, 14:15-15:00. Venue: Lipsius building, Cleveringaplaats 1, Leiden. Register here. | full story

Leidse Onderwijsprijs

‘Ik wil kritische geesten kweken’

14 January 2015

Een marineofficier laten vertellen over piraterij, kritisch doorvragen en hulp bieden bij stages. Studenten waarderen dat en daarom nomineerden zij Anita van Dissel, docent maritieme geschiedenis, voor de Leidse Onderwijsprijs. | full story


Tell Balata Archaeological Park project

13 January 2015

On January 15th the cooperation project of the Faculty of Archaeology with the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (Department of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage) and the Ramallah office of UNESCO was officially closed. At the same time the Archaeological Park of Tell Balata was opened. | full story

New Book

Exploring and Explaining Diversity in Agricultural Technology

13 January 2015

This volume is the outcome of collaborative European research among archaeologists, archaeobotanists, ethnographers, historians and agronomists, and frequently used experiments in archaeology. t aims to establish new common ground for integrating different approaches and for viewing agriculture from the standpoint of the human actors involved. | full story

Charlie Hebdo

Launch of the World Affairs Forum Leiden (WAFL)

26 January 2015

On Tuesday 27 January 2015, the Institute for Philosophy will launch the World Affairs Forum Leiden (WAFL), a series of philosophically-informed debates of current global concerns. The first WAFL will discuss implications of the Charlie Hebdo killings in Paris. | full story

Unique collection

New Asian Library for Leiden University

15 October 2014

Leiden University is to have a unique expertise centre on Asia. This centre, the Asian Library, will hold extremely rare Asian collections and offer new opportunities for teaching and research. | full story

NWO Spinoza Prize

Dirk Bouwmeester and Corinne Hofman receive NWO Spinoza Prize

15 September 2014

On 9 September, in the presence of King Willem Alexander, Secretary of State Sander Dekker presented the Spinoza Prize to four researchers, including two researchers from Leiden: archaeologist Corinne Hofman and physicist Dirk Bouwmeester. In the Nieuwe Kerk in The Hague, they unveiled their plans for the future. | full story

International cooperation

Visit delegation Indonesian National Library to KITLV

16 September 2014

On 15 September, a delegation of the Indonesian National Library - Perpustakaan Nasional Republik Indonesia (PNRI)) - led by Mr. Dedy Junaedi (prime secretary of the PNRI) visited KITLV. The delegation members will visit several institutes in the Netherlands, to talk about cooperation in the field of collection practices, for example digitizing and training. | full story

North Korean exile

'The North Korean regime will collapse within five to seven years’

28 September 2014

The greatest threat to the North Korean regime is not the outside world but its own developing private market and the growing frictions at the top. This was the argument put forward by North Korean exile Jang Jin-sung in his lecture in Leiden. | full story

Faculty of Archaeology moves to new building

Sword-swinging Rector opens Archaeology’s new Faculty building

30 September 2014

With a skillful, professional slash of a sword (a replica of an original 3600-years-old, Bronze Age example), University Rector ,Carel Stolker, hacked through the Gordian knot of the Faculty’s  relocation. With this gesture, the radically-renovated  Van Steenis Building was officially opened. | full story

Rare find

Rare medieval bookmark found in Leiden University Library

6 October 2014

A rare medieval bookmark emerged in Leiden University Library. Book historian Erik Kwakkel found the disk in an archive of manuscript descriptions called the Bibliotheca Neerlandica Manuscripta. It was likely put their in the early twentieth century by Willem de Vreese, who made the descriptions. The presence of the bookmark was not known to the library. Only thirty-five bookmarks of this type have been identified worldwide. | full story

Top Ranking

Humanities Leiden ranked 25th in THE world ranking

6 October 2014

The Faculty of Humanities is ranked 25th within the subject area 'Arts and Humanities' in the Times Higher Education Ranking (THE) of 2014-2015. The faculty scores particularly high in teaching, research and international outlook. | full story


Africa flourishes, Africa bleeds

15 October 2014

ASC director Ton Dietz and ASC researcher Mirjam de Bruijn were interviewed by de Volkskrant in an article about the two sides to Africa: the one of wars and diseases, and the one of economic growth. Also about the Africa Works Conference. | full story


How mobile phones change lives in Africa

3 November 2014

Mirjam de Bruijn was interviewed about how mobile phones change the lives of many people in Africa, and what these phones are used for. Read the interview on the VPRO Buitenland website. | full story

New Book

Religion and Trade: Cross-Cultural Exchanges in World History, 1000-1900

22 October 2014

This book focuses on trade across religious boundaries around the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic and Indian Oceans during the second millennium. Written by an international team of scholars, the essays in this volume examine a wide range of commercial exchanges, from first encounters between strangers from different continents to everyday transactions between merchants who lived in the same city yet belonged to diverse groups. | full story

New book

'Sacred Spaces and Contested Identities: Space and Ritual Dynamics in Europe and Africa'

24 October 2014

The fundamental changes in society and culture are forcing us to reconsider the position of sacred space, and to do this within the broader context of ritual and religious dynamics and what is called a ‘spatial turn’. | full story


US-Liberia relations and ebola

23 October 2014

ASC senior researcher Stephen Ellis was interviewed by radio show 'Met het oog op morgen' about the US-Liberia relations and the fight against Ebola. | full story

Opening GEISHA

Koninklijke onderscheiding tijdens opening

22 October 2014

Tijdens de officiële opening van de tentoonstelling GEISHA, werd onze Japanconservator Matthi Forrer door burgemeester Lenferink, benoemd tot Officier in de Orde van Oranje Nassau! De koninklijke onderscheiding werd verstrekt voor het vele werk dat hij de afgelopen jaren binnen zijn vakgebied heeft verricht. | full story

Sinology collection

Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies in Leiden

28 October 2014

The Sinology collection gets a boost thanks to the opening of a Taiwan Resource Centre for Chinese Studies at Leiden University Libraries. Kurt De Belder, university librarian: ‘By opening a TRCCS in Leiden the Leiden University’s internationally renowned Sinology collection is both confirmed and reaffirmed.’ | full story

New Exhibition at Volkenkunde


10 October 2014

Geisha is a world-renowned style icon. A stereotype of Japanese aesthetics, surrounded by mysticism and misunderstandings. But what does her daily life look like? Is it a profession or a calling? | full story

Leids Erfgoed

Archeologische vondsten terug naar Leiden

30 October 2014

Op 30 oktober 2014 heeft de gedeputeerde van de Provincie Zuid-Holland, mr. Han Weber, de provinciale collectie archeologische vondsten uit Leidse bodem overgedragen aan Robert Strijk, wethouder Bereikbaarheid, Economie, Binnenstad en Cultuur  van de gemeente Leiden. Weber deed dit door Strijk symbolisch een replica van chocolade van het Romeinse ruitermasker van Matilo te overhandigen. Het bronzen ruitermasker is te zien in het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden. | full story

New Book

De Olinda a Holanda: o gabinete de curiosidades de Nassau

30 October 2014

Book by Dr. Mariana Françozo resulting from her research into the collection of count Johan Maurits of Nassau-Siegen, governor of the Dutch colony in Northeastern Brazil between 1637 and 1644. De Olinda a Holanda focuses on the circulation of people, artifacts and knowledge in the Dutch Atlantic during the 17th century. | full story

New Book

Shining a new light on the Roman world: Keys to Rome

30 October 2014

This richly illustrated edition, which is one of the (publically accessible) products of the VIDI project 'Cultural innovation in a globalising society: Egypt in the Roman world', illuminates the Roman world from a new perspective. It goes beyond stereotypes and entrenched ideas, and shows how diverse the Roman Empire really was. | full story

Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

Bijna duizend gasten op opening tentoonstelling 'Carthago'

2 December 2014

Op donderdag 27 november 2014 is de tentoonstelling Carthago geopend met een drukbezochte avond voor genodigden. Een kleine duizend gasten kwamen de splinternieuwe tentoonstelling bekijken. Ze genoten bovendien van de extra activiteiten in het hele museum. | full story

Thesis award

Quentin Bourgeois, winner of the W.A. van Es Prize 2014!

25 November 2014

The prestigious W.A. van Es Prize for Archaeology has been won by Quentin Bourgeois for his thesis: Monuments on the horizon: the formation of the barrow landscape throughout the 3rd and 2nd millennium BC. | full story

Like: Oude Geschiedenis

Sectie Oude Geschiedenis richt Facebookpagina op

3 December 2014

Oude Geschiedenis begeeft zich in de voorhoede van online profilering. Sinds een week heeft de sectie een Facebookpagina opgericht: Ancient History Leiden. 399 volgers heeft de pagina al. “Op naar de 500!”, aldus Kim Beerden, universitair docent Oude Geschiedenis en medebeheerder van de pagina. | full story


South Africa after Mandela

8 December 2014

ASC senior researcher Ineke van Kessel was interviewed by Dutch press agency ANP about the state of South Africa one year after Nelson Mandela died. Read the article titled 'Zuid-Afrika in tijdperk na Mandela nog steeds verdeeld'. | full story

Evolution of human behaviour

Oldest ever engraving discovered on 500,000-year-old shell

8 December 2014

Homo erectus on Java was already using shells of freshwater mussels as tools half a million years ago, and as a 'canvas' for an engraving. An international team of researchers, led by Leiden archaeologist José Joordens, published this discovery on 3 December in Nature. The discovery provides new insights into the evolution of human behaviour. | full story


Crowdfunding success for Menno ter Braak library

9 December 2014

Thanks to a successful crowfunding project, Leiden University Libraries can acquire the library of Menno ter Braak, one of the most important Dutch critics (1902-1940). Between April and December 2014, 126 interested people have adopted books from the collection for over €19,000. | full story

Mekka-tentoonstelling in de prijzen

Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde onvangt de SEGD Merit Award!

11 June 2014

De tentoonstelling ‘Verlangen naar Mekka’, die lang in het museum te bewonderen was, heeft een prijs gewonnen: de SEGD Merit Award! We zijn uiteraard trots op deze Amerikaanse aanmoedingsprijs en het jurycommentaar.Lees hier meer. (Engels) | full story

Danish award for Leiden lecturer

Marie Louise Stig Sørenson awarded a Rigmor and Carl Holst-Knudsen 2014 award

5 June 2014

The award is made without application as a token of respect to a Danish researcher who mainly works or has worked in connection with Aarhus University, and who is involved in scientific work, including the presentation of one or more significant results that hold great promise for future work. It is considered 'one of the oldest and most prestigious prizes in Denmark'. | full story